Couples in which both members have fertility problems have the possibility of using embryos of a woman with physical characteristics similar to their own. This method considerably reduces the cost of treatment.

In a normal fertilization treatment several embryos from the same patient are incubated simultaneously. Of those that are more suitable for fertilization, one of them is transferred to the patient and the rest is vitrified for use in new cycles.

Once the pregnancy has been achieved, the patient can decide to donate the embryos that she has not used so that other couples can use them in their own treatments.



In the double donation, ovules and sperm from a donor are used to form an embryo, choosing them based on the phenotypic characteristics of the recipient.


For its part, embryos from another couple who decided to donate them after completing their assisted reproduction treatment are used for embryo adoption.

Who is it for?

  • Patients who want a simpler assisted reproduction treatment.
  • Couples in which both members have sterility problems.
  • Women alone with low ovarian reserve or poor oocyte quality who cannot resort to fertilization with donor semen.
  • Patients suffering from repeated abortions or implantation failures.
  • Couples that have genetic incompatibility.


The selection of embryos is carried out taking into account the phenotypic characteristics of the recipient couple. Once chosen, the endometrial preparation of the patient is carried out by progesterone to facilitate implantation, after which the embryo is transferred to the patient’s uterus by a very fine cannula. It is a simple procedure that does not require sedation.


  • Who can donate an embryo?
    • There are a number of requisites that are required of patients who want to donate their embryos to other couples. In the first place, the eggs must come from a woman under 35 years of age, in order to have high chances of pregnancy. In addition, negative serologies and normal karyotype are required.
  • What physical compatibility will the donated embryo have with me?
    • In the case of embryo adoption we also seek compatibility of blood group and physical characteristics with patients, although obviously in most cases it is not possible to select as accurately as with egg donation or double donation. In this type of treatments it will not be possible, for example, to use the Ovomatch.